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Self-employed home loans

Loans for the self-employed

Self Employed Loans

With an increase in the number of self-employed Australians, the demand for self-employed loans (home loans and personal loans) has increased. The challenge for the self-employed borrower is that they often have what the industry refers to as ‘low doc’. This means that they do not usually have up to date payslips, income varies from month to month, need to provide up to date tax assessments, and financial statements (amongst other things).

Whether you are looking for a self-employed home loan, a personal loan for renovations, mortgage loan or a car loan for that purchase, there are many self-employed mortgage lenders in Australia who specialise in self-employed loans and products to cater. Comparez will find these lenders and associated products and help you through the application process.

No Doc Loans For Self-Employed

With no doc loans, you may still be eligible to get a self-employed home loan or personal loan approved depending on the credibility of your business, and other criteria such as a signed statement of your assets and liabilities. Comparez aims to help a self-employed individual who wants to initiate a new business to stand up on their own feet.

We assist you in getting your no-doc loan as fast as possible by sourcing and comparing suitable lenders. If you are eligible, you can get a pre-approval to kick-start your venture soon and start shaping your business.

If you are approved for a self-employed loan, you can unlock your financial freedom and take the next step on your financial journey.

Book an appointment with our self-employed specialist mortgage brokers and get your no doc home loan approved.

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