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Bluestone was first established in Sydney as a specialist mortgage lender in 2000. They settled their first home loan in December of that year and the following year Bluestone wrote $50 million in residential home loans.

Bluestone continues to specialise in residential home loans and has a home loan portfolio of over $9 billon. Servicing borrowers in both Australia and New Zealand.

As a specialist lender, Bluestone can assist borrowers with a range of financial difficulties. Unlike a lot of lenders, Bluestone has done away with credit scores and instead asks questions to better understand your circumstance.

Bluestone understand that each circumstance is different and needs to be assessed case by case. Whether you are looking to refinance, purchase or investment in residential property. Bluestone will look at your unique circumstance.

If you have previously been declined or knocked back by a traditional bank, or would like to learn more about Bluestone speak with one of our Mortgage Brokers today.


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