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Bad Credit History

There are numerous reasons why people end up with a bad credit score.

It can often arise after missing payments on your loans (car loans, personal loans or credit cards) or having too many credit enquiries over a short period of time.

Often these late or missed payments occur because of an event in your life.

It could be the result of temporary sickness or a medical event. Resulting in a period of unpaid leave, after exhausting your sick and holiday leave. It might have been the result of a starting a new business; or going through a difficult with your business. It may have even been the result a divorce.

Another contributing factor of a poor credit history is the result of too many credit enquiries, over a short period of time. When shopping around for the best deal, we are often encouraged to apply, resulting in numerous enquiries for the same purpose.

Regardless of the variety of reasons, your poor credit history or low credit score does not have to stop you from getting a home loan. At Comparez we work with a variety of lenders who understand and are willing to consider your application.

We specialise in matching your circumstance with the right lender and finding your perfect match.

If you believe that your credit history or credit score might be stopping you from getting a home loan, you need to speak with one of our mortgage brokers, who specialise in cases like yours.


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